Street looks

This is my first post and it’s g0ing to be about street looks. I saw a post in some celebrities commented of their street looks. I have some other thoughts about it and I only chose a few of them.

2. Ashley Tisdale took a walk in Hollywood wearing worn white jeans and short beige ankle boots with buckles - so hot!

Ashley Tisdale is wearing a perfect look for a walk on the Hollywood streets. She’s wearing a white jeans and has folded it on the end so you can se the whole boots she’s wearing. The boots are really nice because it has 3 belts and heels, and it suits the outfit. The shirt she is wearing has a nice summery colour, that also match the jeans and the boots. On her neck she’s wearing simply a chain – so it’s not too much, it’s a detail that makes the outfit perfect. But something I want to crititizes is that she’s wearing an armbraclet together with her watch. I think she should only wear a watch and it would make it more perfect. The sunglasses are matching but not her bag because I think it should be a white bag instead of a black bag, it would match the whole outfit. But maybe the black bag is also nice if she wants it to stick out.
To sum it up: she looks awesome.

3. Jessica Biel är en stilsäker kvinna med tajta svarta jeans och en persikofärgad lössittande topp. Kolla in hennes solglasögon också, de matchar i färgen!

Jessica Biel has a really matching looks wearing the black jeans match the black bag and the sunglasses matches the peach colored t-shirt. Then she has heels shoes that has a black top that also matches the black jeans. It shows her confident and also a good taste of fashion.
She don’t wear any jewelery but actually if I would wear a outfit like her, I wouldn’t also wear any jewelery because the t’shirt makes it hard to wear any jewelery. Even if I would wear jewelery, you couldn’t see it.

6. Tajta jeans, ett svart linne med tryck, stor lila halsduk och sandfärgade cowboyboots - Selena Gomez är en riktigt cool tjej på gatan!

Selena Gomez, she has a really good taste when it comes to fashion. She always wears a outfit that any teenager would wear. Summery day she’s wearing sunglasses that match her scarf. A black top with jeans and boots, it doesn’t match together but it’s really simple. She don’t wear any jewelery, only an elastic hair band. The bag is a normal teenage bag, that is simple and nice.
To sum it up: she looks like a normal teenage girl.

10. Vanessa Hudgens är rock'n'roll chic i svarta stuprörsjeans och ett blått linne. Gitarrfodralet förstärker så klart hennes rockiga utstrålning!

Vanessa Hudgens looks like she’s going to a long trip because he has a big handbag that doesn’t match the outfit but the gitarr bag matches because it’s black colored. She’s wearing a really cool sunglasses, light blue top and black jeans – all is matching and also the sandles are matching but it’s really something different. On her neck she wears a necklace that has a cross and the colour is also black that match the whole outfit.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it.!


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