MET Gala 2013

Hi people!
This post is going to be about fashion on the MET gala 2013 in New York, where a lot of celebrities were there and wore special outfits

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is wearing a formal dress that is black and has like a fiery details. It looks like it’s a long skirt with a black leather tube top. I think it looks really beautiful. I would like to comment that the boots don’t look that good. It matches the outfit but I think she should wear black leather boots.
She’s not wearing any jewelery and I think that’s fine because it makes you wanna look more at the dress. Her hair I think is too simple, it don’t match the dress. She should have done something different with her hair.
Overall she looks really beautiful like always – I think she has some kind of naturally beauty that not everyone has.

Sarah Jessica Parker has a dress that looks great on her but actually the dress looks catastrof. What’s on her head? It doesn’t even go with her dress and it’s something I never would wear, especially with that dress. The fabric on the dress is good fabric but it don’t make a good dress. I’m sorry to say this but the dress and the hat is not beautiful or not even nice. But her face look beautiful because she has always a smile on her face, that lights her up.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is a great couple and they really look good together. I’m not going to comment about Kanye West’s outfit but I’m going to comment about Kim Kardashian’s dress. Normally she have really cute and beautiful clothes but what’s up with the dress? It’s not even a little beautiful. It looks awful and also the gloves and shoes that’s also looks the same as the dress. But her makeup and hair matches the dress.
This outfit isn’t the best outfit she has had. I don’t know if it’s because she’s pregnant and it’s hard to wear all clothes but the other pregnant clothes she has had is much better than this dress.

Miley Cyrus – what happend to the cute and pretty Miley Cyrus? Now she looks like a rock star and she’s not even cute.
Her short hair really looks good on her but the way she has styled it now, doesn’t look good at all.
And her dress is fine but the hairstyle makes the dress look awful.
I have nothing more to say than that she have changed alot within fashion.

Kristen Stewart – I have never understood her style and I think I never will understand. This dress is much better than some dresses she has wore. She used to have a really good taste when it comes to clothes but Kristen Stewart, what happend?
Her makeup is also not good because in some way, it makes her face look dark.
She is a really beautiful women but her taste of clothes and makeup makes her look less beautiful than she really is.

Nicki Minaj normally wears different clothes – crazy clothes that always sticks out but this time she’s wearing a normal, casual dress that looks awesome. It’s not totally normal – it’s a bit crazy but really beautiful. Her makeup and hair matches the dress and she looks wonderful but the necklace, which is yellow don’t look great with the dress. I think she should wear the same necklace but in a different color, maybe blue.
Nicki Minaj always looks good but this I think this is one of the best outfit she has had.

Taylor Swift is really beautiful in this dress. Her makeup and her hairstyle looks awesome. I really like this dress and it looks good on her. Taylor Swift has a good taste and this dress is one of her best dress she had worn.
Taylor Swift looks beautiful and awsome!!

Nina Dobrev’s dress looks different. It’s a dress but she’s wearing leggings under it.
I really would like to wear a dress like hers because it’s not something everybody would wear.

Emma Watson – her shoes looks good but her toes sticks out, maybe she should wear a bigger size.
I have no comment on the dress because I can’t understand the dress. It’s nice but not.
Emma Watson, where is your other earring?       I don’t know if that’s the point of it or if she lost it. If that’s the point to wear only one earring, then I think that’s not the right earring to wear only one of them.

Blake Lively – wow your dress is so beautiful. It matches her face and the dress has been designed really good.
Her makeup, accessories and her hair looks perfekt that really matches the dress. You can see that her dress has silver details that matches the earings because it’s also silver.

Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing PINK PINK PINK!!!
She looks like a cute barbie. The dress is long and beautiful.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it.
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Thank you and have a nice evening!


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