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This post is going to be about eurovision that was in Sweden, Malmö. They had alot of different clothes when they sang and I’m going to start with Loreen that won last years contest.

Loreen Talhaoui has a really cool look. I don’t like her hairstyle because you can’t see her hair but her fashion style is very different from the other singers. She’s don’t scared to be different which makes her different beautiful. I hope she continue singing and keeps her style because that’s her own style.

Look at her, look at her dress, makeup and her hair. The dress is fine but her makeup and her hairstyle don’t match the dress at all. She looks like a aluminium mermaid with awful makeup and hair with too much hairpray. Use your creativity and make it a better look, please…

Here is our winner Emmelie de Forest from Denmark. When I was watching her singing, she actually looked so cute with her dress and style but on this photo she doesn’t. I’m sorry but I couldn’t find a better photo.
Her dress looks so simple and cute. It really looks good on her and the colour really fits her. If we get a close up photo of her – she looks like this:

Denmark: Emmelie de Forest

Close up photo actually makes her style don’t look good because look at her hands.! The ring that is attached to an armbracelet isn’t matching with the other jewellery she’s wearing. And her bracelet on her arm, is it a bracelet or what do you actually call it? What is that and why is she wearing it? It doesn’t go with the dress.

Here we have norway contestent Margeret Berger and look how she’s wearing the dress. The dress looks nice and beautiful but look – you can see her white bra sticking out on her left side. “Honey, you won’t get more votes by showing your bra!!”
That’s a total fail because fashion – the clothes you’re wearing is very important when you performe infront of people.
If we get a close up picture of her, it looks like this:

You still can see her bra sticking out and it isn’t white as the dress is.
Look at her hair, she have done something different with it and so cool. It looks simple but still complicated which makes it looks perfect for the dress. I’m not going to comment anything more about her but if you have some comment, write to my mail or just comment here bellow.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you continue to follow my blog.
I’m sorry that I don’t update that often but I got alot in school but soon my graduation is coming up so after graduation I can update almost everyday.

Peace ♥


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