Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


When you look at Kim’s photos, can you see any different in her fashion style before and during dating Kanye. Well, a lot of my friends have told me that, which I haven’t noticed to be honest but I want to do some investigation about this. Is it true or not? Let’s start with how she looked before she started to date Kanye:

She has some kind of a cute look. Her make up is soft and her hair is simple. I really like this look because it’s so cute.

This is more kind of sexy look where the dress is fancy and sexy. Her hair looks also sexy and her make up makes her lips look big.

This is more a street look. All matching and looks good on her.

If I have to be honest, I don’t like this dress but it looks good on her. I prefer the gold dress because this dress makes her look a bit old.

I don’t like hair but her clothes selection is really good especially her shoes. It looks awesome!!

First of all, I don’t like her shoes because it doesn’t look good but I love her dress. It’s so cute and the color looks good on her. Her hair is simple and her make up looks awesome like always.

Now dating Kanye:

I love her look here. Nice top with leather pants and I especially love the shoes…but I don’t like the bag but it actually match her outfit but I would prefer a black bag.

Here you can see that she has a black dress that looks good on her but her shoes doesn’t match her. It looks too small for her because it looks like her toes are sticking out.

Then you she black outfit again and notice the leather skirt. By the way, I like this look because still she has some kind of a cute style like before she start to date Kanye West.

Black leather skirt with a really weird sunglasses.

Here we go again, black leather dress that looks awful on her but the shoes looks awesome.

Black dress that’s awful, awful shoes and awful hairstyle.

Here I like her outfit, the shoes looks sexy, black leather pants and, simple make up and hair.

No good make up this time, leather skirt but in red.

What’s up with her hair? Kanye seems to like it…black outfit with leather pants again.

I wouldn’t say that now she has a bad style but I will definitely say that Kim has been influenced by Kanye when it comes to fashion. I prefer the style she had before she met Kanye than the style she has now when she’s dating Kanye!. Of course, when you date you will change but never change who you are because of someone else especially when it comes to fashion. Everyone has their own style and if you change your style for someone else, it means you lost your own style and are now living by someone elses style. I hope Kim goes back to her style because she has an awesome style. Now it’s all black and leather like Kanye like it. Look how Kanye dresses, he always has a black outfits and also leather outfits.

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Next time is going to be about Michael Kors’ collection.

I hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you for reading!

Peace ♥


One thought on “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West”

  1. Nice, well we agree on the fact that her style has changed, I think for the better. Simply because she’s wearing many pieces of Givenchy. And Givenchy is incredible! Cheers:D

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