Back and now Michael Kors collection


It’s was long time ago I posted a post but now I’m BACK!!! I’m so sorry that I havn’t post for a while but I have been so busy. I had my graduation and soon I’m going to start work so I have spending a lot of time with my family but I should spend more time with my blog. The best thing with my graduation is that I got a draw board which means I can draw my own clothes and put it here in my blog. It’s going to be so AWESOME.

I just want to say something before I talk about fashion, and that is that please follow your dreams. You should listen to your parents and everyone else but still you should follow your heart. It’s your life and now maybe your parents is their to tell you what to do but later on they won’t. Believe me or not but that time will come, so by following your heart you know exatly what to do. You will love your life and the job that you have educated to. One more thing, no jobs is lame – I think all jobs is cool. Some jobs you have to work harder to get to than others but they are still all good jobs. Now, follow your heart and read my blog 🙂

Now lets talk about fashion and like I have told you weeks ago, I’m going to talk about Michael Kors collection. The official site of Michael Kors is and their you can find a lot of clothes. I have made a couple of outfits of Michaels Kors’ clothes- which I’m going to talk about another time because I havn’t finished it so instead I’m going to talk about indiviuel clothes of Michael Kors collection.

Here is an example of what I will talk about next week – it’s about Michael Kors collection aswell but here you can see which clothes matches which, where you can buy it and how much it costs. 3

Here you can see an outfit I would like to where and all this comes from Michael Kors’ collection.

Description: MICHAEL KORS Twist Dress, 1685 SEK,
MICHAEL Michael Kors shoes, 1095 SEK,
Michael Kors Silver Pavé Stud Earrings, 795 SEK,
Michael Kors Women’s Cynthia Vanilla Cream Leather Satchel Bag, 2860 SEK,

Now when I think, I’m just going to talk about Michael Kors collection and why I like it so much, than I promise that next week I will have more than 10 different outfits with descriptions. I’m so sorry but I have an exam coming up within 2 days so I have to study. Even though I have no school, I do have one last exam. So after that my life is all about fashion and also work but still most of it fashion 😉


I do like Michael Kors’ collection but sometimes these clothes looks like grandma clothes. Just look at these and look at the outfit I made. So much different but still Michael Kors is awesome.

You all know Michael Obama and on this photo she’s wearing a Michael Kors dress and it looks simple but even though perfect for her.

But when you hear Michael Kors, the first think that pops up in your mind is Michael Kors bag.


These bags are so awesome and I hope soon I can get one. It’s leather and it looks professional. I have seen that most people choose the black and I think it’s because the design looks perfect in black.

That’s all people, maybe this is not a really good post but next week I’m going to post about Michael Kors outfits and also about Jennifer Aniston who I adore so much. She’s an awesome actress and lets see if she has a great taste of fashion.

Thank you for reading my blog and please continue do that.

Peace ♥


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