Today I thought I could talk about make-up that I like to use and also about hair styling. I don’t think you know but I sometimes do make-up and hair to people’s wedding or other parties. I have not done a lot but some I have and they really liked it. Let’s start with the make up. I have to tell you a secret when it comes to make-up. The best make-up is when you do it on your own or at least a make-up you feel comfortable in. Don’t do it because some celebrity or some on else does that way. Maybe you should start with learning how to do make-up by looking at make-up tutorials of celebrities or people that can do make up. Later on you will find your own style and I’m pretty sure thats the best way of doing make-up.

I buy my rouge and foundation from The Body Shop store that is awesome. It’s more healthy than the other make-up (which actually I’m not really sure about) and it’s really good.Body Shop logo

I never knew that The Body Shop had make-up but when I would out I start to try it and I really love it. You should really try it!! I’m not using all my make-up from The Body Shop because I like other brands to that I will talk about later.
Rouge Pink

This is from The Body Shop as you can see and it’s a rouge that you use for the cheek. This is All in One Cheek Colour shade: Guava as you can see bellow. I’m also using Thuffle but that I use for high lighter because the color is perfect for it.

All Body SHop Rouge

All this you can find here: and hopefully I can buy all soon because you can use different colors for rouge for different events. Like in the daytime you maybe want a bit simple and light but in the evening you want more darker and  heavier. That’s all up to you and how you feel.

Blusher Blush

The brush I’m using is Retractable Blusher Brush and it’s perfect when you are travelling and putting in the make-up bag. It’s also soft and makes it easier to apply. I use this brush only for rouge and high lighter but you can use it for almost everything but I wouldn’t do it. This you can find it here:

All In One BB Cream is a perfect foundation that suits everyone. Any skin color it adjust to your skin tone. When you are doing make-up to other it will be perfect because then you don’t need all the colors, you can just buy this and use it for everyone.  I like to only use this one because it gives a naturally look but some people like to but concealer or powder foundations too but I don’t do that. This one you also can find in The Body Shop:

All Chubby Sticks From Clinique

When I was on cruise I found some awesome lipstick that is perfect if you want colorful but simple lipstick. Here you can see all the colour Clinique has. This lipstick is from Clinique and its called CHUBBY STICK moisturizing lip colour balm. Now I’m using Chunky cherry and woppin’ watermelon. You can find all these here:





Volume million lashes excess

VOLUME MILLION LASHES EXCESS is a mascara I’m using right now. It makes your lashes longer and also ticker which I want but you have to always be careful with not getting lumps in you lashes. This one you can find here:

Ted Baker Makeup Bag

You have to have a nice make-up bag for all your expensive make-up product to put in. I’m using Ted Baker London make-up bag that has room for a lot of make-up products and it looks really fancy. You want to know where you can find it? Just click here:’s/women’s_accessories/wash_+_make_up_bags/list.aspx#-&styCode=100721&colRef=99-WHITE&path=/women’s/women’s accessories/wash +-+ make up bags/
This one is pink which I rather have but when I bought it, there was only black I could buy but still I love it!!!

This was all I had today and once again I’m sorry for not updated that much. I told you that my next post was going to be about Jennifer Anistons style but I havn’t done anything yet. Soon I will put it on but before that I will in two days post about the clothes I bought in London this weekend. I didn’t buy a lot of clothes because there were no time but some I did buy and I love them. Stay tuned for the nest post.

Thank you for reading my blog and keep doing it.
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