Thank You

Good night or good evening or good afternoon or good morning,

I have to tell you all, thank you for reading my blog and hopefully you will keep doing it. I also want to thank my followers for believing that every post I write is worth reading. Even though I don’t have a lot of people reading everyday, and that I don’t got a lot of follower, I am still grateful for those I have. I’m thankful for all the great comments and for all people who click on the like button.

I hope one day I will reach a more bigger nummer of readers and followers but for now I’m very happy.

I have to tell you that I’m doing this blog as a start of my journey to my goal, a way to a big future (hopefully) and I really love doing this. It’s fun writing about something you have passion for,

I want to encourage those who are trying, those who stop trying and those who never tried, to get up and do something you really love to do. Follow your heart and never give up. Who will reach a point where you will say, this is my life and be happy even if it’s small or big. And never forget to help each other, by helping each other you will come far. You don’t need to do big help, maybe liking someones post, following a blog, encourage other people, be a role model, giving a set for old people, making someone smile, show your appreciation for those who care about you or anything else. There is so many ways to help other people and my first help today will be to day a valuable thing and that is:

YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE. Never try to be someone else, be yourself. Don’t listen to those who says mean things to do, listen to those who says  good things to you. don’t give up on yourself, you should thrust yourself most, the person you should love the most is yourself! Maybe you now think that this has nothing with fashion to do but it really does. I know when I was little and people told mean things to me, I tried to be someone I wasn’t. I look ugly because it wasn’t me. It didn’t like the clothes I was wearing but I knew other people loved it. My glow disappeared but when I started to realise that I became more beautiful because I became myself. The person I really am, my glow come back, my confident start to grow and every clothes I picked out  and wore was me. I really shined and even though some people don’t think so, I DON’T CARE because I dress as I like and I dress as I think I look best in. So never give yourself up!! SOme people maybe need help on the way but if you want to you can’t anywhere you want, even to the moon. My moon is to become a fashion designer. Maybe one day I will become one or maybe not but either way I tried to reach my goal and for that I will be proud of myself.
Bruno Mars just the way you are

I really got deep, never forget yourself!!

Thank you everyone for reading and hope you will keep doing it.
Comment what you think about the post and if you have any story to share.
Rate and subscribe and if you can please help me get more readers, I will be very grateful!
(just want to say that my english may not be perfect but I hope you can read it, thank you)

Peace ♥


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