Flat Shoes

Hello people,

Do you know what I love? FLAT SHOES!!!
Most of the shoes I buy for summer is flat shoes because it’s comfortable and so cute. Flat shoes you can wear it for everything and you can dance how much you want without getting any scar or the feet getting hurt after a while.

The expensive flat shoes is always the best but I think the cheap ones is good too because you only use it for summer and every year the style change so you won’t waste that much of money.

I’m not going to tell you about the chose I wear but I found some awesome and cute flat shoes that I would like to buy. flat shoes 1These actually reminds me of candy, I don’t know why but it really does. These flat shoes would perfectly go with a cute little dress in any color you want because it has a lot of colors in those stones around the bow.  I’m sorry but I lost the website of where you can find the shoes. Maybe you know, if you can please help me find the website to these shoes. I would be so grateful.

Well, lets go on to the next shoes which is these:

1.0x02013 Fashion women’s flat shoes princess lace net fabric Casual Shoes

These are really fancy flat shoes which I would use for wedding or birthday party. If you really like you can use a casual dress and make yourself magic with these shoes. I don’t really know if they look comfortable but they look adorable. As you maybe has notice, I love bow, everything with bow is in my world fabulous. Bow makes everything cute and that’s what I love.


Here you can see in different colors and even though my favorite color is blue, I really like the gold one more the other colors. Or what do you think?

I just found out that Michael Kors also has flat shoes. I have to be honest that his other products is awesome but not flat shoes. They looks really ugly and no fabulous at all. I found one flat shoe that is better than all of the others but still not something I would spend money on.

imagesIt’s fine but not good enough. He really has awesome bags, watches and other shoes but really not flat shoes. These is MICHAEL Michael Kors Shoes, Fulton Moc Flats and you can buy it here: http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/michael-michael-kors-shoes-fulton-moc-flats?ID=794572

I’m going to talk more about flat shoes but this is enough for today. I hope you enjoyed it ans sorry for not updated that much. I have tried to get time to blog but every time something comes in the way.

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Thank you for reading and keep reading it!
I also want to tell you that I have an instagram called Szerlina Fashion where you can follow me. There I update everyday, pictures all about fashion. Maybe you should check it out: http://instagram.com/szerlinafashion

Peace ♥


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