Hello everyone,

We all know how big Rihanna are and how good she sings. But have you ever thought about her fashion style?
I follow her on Instagram (badgalriri) and all the photos I’m going to use her is from her Instagram. I find her fashion style really interesting and different. She is not afraid to try different things and some outfits that looks crazy really suits her.





This one I really hate, this is the most ugliest of all the photos I got here.


I think of all of these photos here, I really love this on because it’s different and it really suits her. I like the material of the outfit and especially her hairstyle. It looks dope!!


This outfit is simple but still different. It suits her but I don’t really like it. I don’t know if I would wear it but she makes the outfit look good because she’s glowing.


Here she really looks fancy and if you noticed she matches all the different outfits. She gives every outfit a different attitude and different hairstyles which makes look good on her, don’t you think? Screenshot_2013-08-04-11-11-15-1This outfit looks like pyjamas! I like it but I would like to change it a bit. The skirt should be a shorts instead and the long fabric hanging on the back shouldn’t be there.

I didn’t comment on all of the photos because some had commented that I should have more pictures so this time I’m trying it and if you think I should change anything more, just let me know. I have a lot to improve. I know that the first thing I should improve is posting new posts more often. I’m sorry for that but hopefully I will.

Thank you for reading and keep doing it.
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Peace ♥


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