Saree ♥


I’m going to London next month because there is a big party I’m invited to. To that party I’m going to wear a saree and maybe later on change to a panjabi. I still don’t know which saree I should buy but I know which panjabi I’m going to buy. My dad has a friend who is going to India so he will buy it for me but which saree do you think I should buy?


                                This is a simple green and red/pink saree. I like it but still it looks to simple I think.


This saree is also simple but more grand than the first one. I like the color combination and I also like the design on her shoulder.


This saree is blue which is my favorite color and it looks really good. It’s simple but still I like it really.



This is the panjabi I’m going to buy. It looks like a dress but you have a pants you should also wear even though you can’t see it. Usually you can see the pants but on this panjabi you can’t which I really like.

Trisha Hot Saree Stills _4_


This is the saree I most like because the color is different and it’s simple enough. This saree we call net saree because you can see trough the fabric. You will be showing your stomach but you can also wear it so you can’t see the stomach.

I hope you liked this post, it’s a bit different.
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Peace ♥


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