Hello guys,

Like I told you before, I do make-up and hairstyles for other people and to myself too. Here I got 3 pictures of the hairstyles I have done.


This hairstyles is really specially because I like it most. I did it to myself and I have to say that it wasn’t so hard to do. Basically you have to curl your hair and then try to in some way put it all up together. It’s a bit hard to explain but maybe I can do a video with a tutorial if you like to.


This is just a simple snake braid that I did for a sports day to myself. This is really easy and I learned it from Bebexo.


This is something I did for my friend. She likes to have it a bit messy and simple. I love this hairstyles because it looks really good on my friend.

I’m going to tell you something I always tell my friend when she comes for hairstyling. It’s that you have to like the hairstyles if you want it to look good. I never do something on someone if they don’t like it and feels comfortable in the hairstyle. It’s not only what others thinks, it’s what you think about the hairstyles. I know you want other people to like it too but how can they like it if you don’t. And also everyone have different style and opinions. My friend like it messy but I don’t like it to be messy. But still I do just like my friend likes it and not how I like it because then she won’t be happy and it won’t be perfect if you understand what I mean. Perfect is only when you feel like it’s perfect, not when someone else tells you that it is perfect. I promise have your own style and don’t go for other peoples style. It will be perfect!

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Peace ♥


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