Hello everyone, 

What kind of eyeliner do you use? Pencil or gel? Which on do you prefer and why?
Well I have a eyeliner pencil from Lancôme and also Gel eyeliner from IsaDora.

lancome-le-crayon-kohl-eyeliner-d-2010030812465832465191Lancôme Eyeliner Pencil
I like it but the color actually doesn’t stay for long, I don’t know why but I do put a lot under my eyes but after some hours it will be nothing left. Otherwise it’s easy to apply but one think I hate is to sharp the pencil. To much shaped pencil will hurt the eyes and a lot of eyeliner gets wasted when I sharp.

isa122801_1IsaDora Gel Eyeliner
This is a gel eyeliner that you take from the bottle and put on with a pencil. I like this better than the pencil because it’s more fuller.
The color stays on for longer time and you don’t need to sharp anything which means no waste of color.

I used this two brands because I have these two so I can give my personal experience with these two eyeliners. Of course these two brands have eyeliner pencil and gel eyeliner and of course there are other brands too but like I said I’m using these two because I have these and I wan’t to give you personal experience. 

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