Jeana and Jesse (PVP)

Hello everyone,

Sorry Jesse, this post is going to be about Jeana’s hairstyle but I can say that Jesse – you have a awesome fashion style, keep it that way and don’t loose your swag!

I’m not a big blogger but I hope to be one day. I want my words to help other in any way I can. I’m not expert in make-up, beauty and fashion but I like to share all I know. So now, let’s talk about Jeana from PVP and BFvsGF. I watch them everyday and they are awesome. I also follow them on Instragram and yesterday Jeana posted a picture where she had Awesome hairstyle.

What do you all think about her hair? Isn’t it amazing? I think it looks so good on her and it’s something different from how she usually has her hair. Her hair looks a bit shorter because she has curled her hair. It looks so cute on her hair and she should do like this and use a little dress. It would really suit her.

Usually she has her hair straight like this picture and it looks good too. I’m not saying that she don’t look good with straight hair, it’s awesome too but yesterday she did something different with her hair which made everyone go like “wooow”. 


To be honest I have really not much to say but I wanted to bring those two up on my blog because I adore those two so much. They are both a cute couple and they both are so funny. I have always loved their style and I always will. They are rolemodel for many people and they are doing so many things. They are my rolemodel for how a couple should be.
Keep your awesomeness Jeana and Jesse!!!

                                                                                                                                             I hope you all enjoyed this post. If this is your first visit, please check out my other posts too.
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