Make-up Transformation

Hello everyone, 

I’m sorry for not writing anything but I have been sick. I hate to be sick and I usually don’t get sick that often but now I got sick in London, then I came back here and got sick again. I hate it so much but enough about me and lets talk about make-up. I found something in YouTube that is really amazing. Her channels name is “Dope2111” and she does makeup. She like transforms to other people by applying makeup in different ways. I really liked her videos and I really think that you should check her out too.

I know that Halloween is over but she does a lot of Halloween makeup that is awesome. Here is some picture of her transformations:

Disney character
Johnny Depp
Aishwarya Rai

Isn’t it so cool how she does that and I promise you that not everyone can do this. It needs a lot of practice and I’m really impressed. She does an awesome work.
Check her out on YouTube:

Because I have been sick and haven’t updated my blog that much, I will post another post tomorrow as well so and this time about eyeliner – how you can put eyeliner in different ways. I don’t know how to explain it but you will understand more when you read it tomorrow so see you tomorrow. 

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Peace ♥



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