Hello everyone,

Today I though I could talk about eyeliner – different types of eyeliner, how to apply in different ways and the different patterns of it. 

First of all lets talk about different types of eyeliner.


Different types of eyeliner pen and these I recommend to use for underline the eye or on the waterline. Some people use this also for the upper line but I never do that. I think it doesn’t give that effect I want and I think it’s harder to shape with these.


I have one of these but I don’t use it that much but this one is easy to apply with and to make different patterns. The liquid is already inside and the pencil is pointy which makes it perfect.
Similar to the liquid pen is this one but you have to dip the pencil into the liquid. I use this one for my upper eye because I feel like you can choose how much of liquid you want, the pen is pointy and it gives a really black effect. I think the liquid pen gives the same effect but I’m not really sure because mine isn’t that good. I have seen famous make-up artist use it and they said it is really easy to use so I’m going to buy one really good and try.

isa122801_1Last we have this one and it’s called gel eyeliner. I have told you before that I use this one. I use it for my waterline or a bit underneath it. I never tried to use it for the upper line but I’m for sure going to try it. When I’m sick I never use make-up so I have to wait until I feel better.

As you can see I haven’t talked about make-up brands which I’m not going to do today because there are different brands and everyone likes differently. I want to write generally so everyone can get something from it.
Lets now talk about how to draw the line on your eyelids and I have some step by step pictures. 

black-and-white-eyeliner1I use this pattern for my everyday look because I think makes your eyes look bigger and gives you a feminine shape of your eyes. It also looks simple but not too simple.

cat-eyeliner-tutorial-photos_5060bd26ddf2b375bc000cceHere you can see a step by step picture and this pattern is similar to the on above but the difference is only the wing of it. As you can see the wing on this picture is straight while the on above is more winged and goes up. I think this one looks dull but on some people it looks so good.

eyeliner-3                                                                             The pattern here is just like the first picture but it’s ticker and the wing is longer. Here she also used black eyeliner for the waterline and I love it.

eyeliner-guideHere is a step by step picture for the first and third pattern.

eyelinerThis pattern starts thick and the same thickness goes all the way to the wing. It’s not a long wing but an eye shaped wing if you know what I mean. Here you also can see that she painted underneath the waterline and not on the waterline. I don’t do this also but I would also use a white eyeliner for my waterline.

formas-delineado                                                                                                                                      I took this picture to show you some more different patterns you can do with your eyeliner.

how to winged eyeliner                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Step by step picture.

images (1)                 This pattern I wouldn’t use for my everyday look because the wing is really long and it looks heavy. I wouldn’t say it is difficult to do this but it looks difficult so I would save it for parties for other big events.

podvodka-glazI love this one, I have never tried to do this one but I will soon. I’m going to wear it for everyday look because I want it to be heavier for party looks which it isn’t. I don’t know if this one will stay forever on the corner of the eye because it is easy to get “water/tears from the eyes” on that spot. Even if it is waterproof eyeliner, I would be extra careful.

When I apply my eyeliner on my eyelids, I start with the inner corner and finish on the end of my eye. Then I start with my wings because I want to have perfect lines on my eyes. I feel like it is hard to do the patterns on the eyes the same as each other but with time you will learn it. I still have problems some times but in that case I use help from swabs. Don’t be afraid to explore with your eyeliner and you don’t have to do the same pattern like everyone else. You can do a different one that is different from others and it will be unique I promise. But remember that you have to like it if you are going to have that pattern on your eyes and don’t care about others approvals. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If this is your first visit, please check out my other posts too.
Thank you for reading my blog and keep doing it.
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