Red and Green


Christmas is here soon. I love Christmas and don’t be choked but I have already my Christmas tree up. I know I’m crazy but I love Christmas more than my birthday. I thought todays topic should be about Christmas fashion.

I have to start with this cute picture of the cutest elf ever.


2013-New-font-b-Christmas-b-font-clothes-installation-dance-photography-services-Fancy-Dress-font-bI just searched in google and found this one. I really think this dress is cute. I have the site here bellow so you can go and check it out.

earrings-0024Candy Cane Christmas Earrings
One thing I love is those christmas earrings and look at those above, isn’t these cute?
Here bellow I will but some other christmas earrings and if you can please tell me which one you like most. I’m going to buy one but I can’t decide which one.

earrings-0098-tGolden Reindeer Earrings

earrings-0010-tSnowflake Earrings set with Swarovski AB Crystal

earrings-0023-tRed Christmas Boot Earrings

earrings-0025-tHolly Earrings

earrings-0099-tSnowcat Earrings

Poinsettia Hook Earrings with Swarovski Crystal
Here you can find the site for all those earrings:

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