Body Shop

Hello again 🙂

Tomorrow is December 1st and I have an idea for that month. For a couple of days ago I bought “24 Days of Joy” from Body Shop. 

Skärmavbild 2012-10-25 kl. 08.33.54

Red: Luxury 800 SEK    worth 1 184 SEK
Green: Deluxe 1 000 SEK    worth 1 535 SEK
Gold: Ultimate 1 200 SEK    worth 2 450 SEK

I bought Ultimate and I just can’t wait. I want to open them all at once but I want to open one everyday because that’s more fun.
I think this is really awesome because you get something that you can use. The best thing is that they are telling use how much it is worth so we know it’s really worth it.

I know this is not much but I just wanted to write about this before the first day of it.
End of this month I will tell you what I got from it.

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Peace ♥


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