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I thought instead of writing everything together I will write about what I got from my Body Shop “24 Days of Joy” (I wrote about it last week). I actually hoped to get make-up and stuff like that but until now I got only things that will help the skin. I’m still happy that I got those because now I know what I would like to use more from Body Shop and to be honest Body Shop have some good stuff. Another good thing about Body Shop is that they are against animal testing and that is a big plus.

Lets see what I got during those six days.
Everything I’m writing about you can find it here: http://www.thebodyshop.se/

HoneymaniaHONEYMANIA – Shower Gel
200 ml – cost 85 SEK
It has a flowery smell and moisturize up to  24 hours. It is suitable for all skin-tones.

I really like this product because it feel so good to my skin. I don’t know if it is moisturized up to 24 hours but still I like it. I love that it feels like you’re putting honey over your body (it sounds weird when I say that but what I mean is that it feels healthy. Now I don’t know what it is actually made of but it feels good so I will use this one until I find something better than this one. I have had problems with my skin and I feel like this is the cure for it.

200 ml – cost 140 SEK
It takes off make-up and moisturize your skin.

The one I got is 60 ml but I couldn’t find it on their site. I really love this product because it doesn’t burn my eyes and I don’t have to wash my face. It makes your face moisturized which is good during the night. It is good for your skin because you use so much make-up during the day so using a thick cream during night is healthy. I first wash my face, then remove eye make-up by using Lancome BI-Facial and then use this product. It takes off the make-up you have left on your face and moisturize my face. I will use this for a long time and I highly recommend this but I still think you should try it before you buy a big bottle. The reason is that maybe you like it, our skin is not the same and we don’t like the same things so what I like maybe you hate.

Hand glovesBATH GLOVES
cost 35 SEK
Bath gloves for your body wash.

I haven’t tried these because I think those are too hard for my body. I’m maybe going to give it to someone else because I have soft skin and it won’t work for me. By the way I got a white one but you can choose some other color which I would do because white gets dirty faster.

60 ml – cost 55 SEK
It’s a cleaning and refreshing hand gel. You can have it in your bag or when you’re travelling.

I only used it once but I think I would use it. I don’t know if I would buy the same flavor or scent (or what you call it, I don’t know but I hope you understand what I mean). It’s like disinfectant but with a scent. I couldn’t find any other scent so I would buy it but I’m still not sure.
200 ml – cost 175 SEK
It is a body butter that smells like chocolate and it makes your skin soft. It is good for dry skin.

I got 50 ml instead of 200 ml and I couldn’t find 50 ml on the net.
I haven’t tried it yet but when I have tried it I will let you know what I thought about it.

250 ml – cost 45 SEK but now 31,50 SEK
Mint smelling foot lotion, it’s refreshing and makes your skin soft.

I got 60 ml but I really think 250 ml lotion for 45 SEK is really cheap. I really don’t like the smell and it feels weird to put on a lotion with scent on the foot. I tried it once and it seems to be alright but I won’t buy it to use it more in the future. It is cheap but it’s not worth it, maybe if they got scent free or another scent.

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