Two young heroes: Danny and Tommy

Hello people, 

Sorry for not posting anything last week, I have been so busy and will be busy the rest of this month. As you all know holidays is coming up and also I’m going to London again. This time I’m going to stay longer there to spend more time with my cousins. When I’m in London I can’t post anything so I’m going to try post a lot before I go there and also after I come back.

Today I’m not going to talk about the Body shop products I have left to talk about, I’m actually going to talk about something a whole lot different.
Beauty isn’t just about make-up and clothes, it’s also what you have inside you that makes you look beautiful. I daily watch Ellen DeGeneres show on YouTube and today I saw something special. Ellen DeGeneres is an awesome person, even though I haven’t got to know her I can still tell that she is a really awesome person. She has helped a lot of people and it’s not only celebrities that goes to her show but also regular people who has done some amazing stuff. This video I saw today really amazed me a lot because when I was little I had a lot of trouble in school, no friends because I was different from others.

I remember when I was about 8 years old I was waiting for my dad outside my brother’s kindergarten. Then two older guys going the same school as me start to tease me because they though I hag weird shoes and weird cap. I had another cap so I changed it but I couldn’t change my shoes so I still waited for my dad. After a while they came again and starts to throw small stones at me. I didn’t know what to do and got so scared but then a really big buy (when I say big I mean tall and looked like 10 years older than me) came to my rescue. He started to hit them so they got scared and ran off. I was still freaked out so when he was hitting them I ran home without thanking him. I looked back and saw that guy calling for me but I was too scared to go back so I kept running. Since that day he has been my hero even though I don’t remember his face because I was too scared to look at him before I ran he are still my hero. Maybe some people will think that what he did was nothing but he made me understand that it wasn’t something with be, those guys were doing wrong. Everyone looks different and no one is perfect. I don’t care about what other thinks about how I look, if I get a compliment I smile and say thank you, and if someone tells me that I’m ugly I will tell them thanks and laugh. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are ugly or that you don’t look normal because that person who told you that you look ugly is the one who is ugly inside. We have to have confident but not too much that we think other people are lesser than us. I have hard time explaining what I have in my heart but I hope you understand what I want to say. I don’t know you but I will tell you that you are beautiful in your own way 🙂

I would like you to watch this video on YouTube and try to be more like Tommy. Don’t just stand there watching someone get teased and bullied, do something about it. Be strong, believe in yourself, think that you are beautiful and if you can just give someone a smile everyday, even if it’s a stranger a smile can do so much I promise. 

Sorry for getting deep today but I think this is really important when it comes to beauty. Many people take it the wrong way.


Here is the link, click it and watch it:

“You are beautiful just the way you are” Bruno Mars

“What’s inside you that makes you beautiful” – Szerlina

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