I’m Back

I’m back….!!! Finally I’m back in blogging again 🙂 I’m currently customizing my blog site so I’m sorry if it looks a bit messy. As you know I have been in London and I bought a lot of things there of course but today I’m not going to talk about it. I’m actually going to talk about Michael Kors perfume. I got one for my Christmas gift and I thought I should write about it.

He has three different perfume and those are Sporty, Sexy and Glam. I got to try all of three of them but I only liked one.

MKC1FM1_mj MKC1FMG_mj MKC1FN9_mj

You can find all three of them on this side –> http://www.michaelkors.com/store/catalog/templates/SC3.jhtml?itemId=cat53501

I got Sexy Amber because I really thought it has a soft and professional smell, and when I say professional smell I mean it’s a perfume you can wear to work. I took it to London and everyone there asked me where I bought it and that they are going to buy it. I was really glad that for the first time I got my perfect perfume that smells perfect.

The other two were too strong for me, I got headache after trying it. Maybe you might like it because like I always say “Everyone have different taste and style”. Overall I can say that Michael Kors perfume last very long and everyone do notice it just spraying it once on you so that means you can have it for a long time. The bottle for the perfume is so stylish, I really love it. It looks expensive because it’s like a gold lock and the bottle looks so fancy. I strongly recommend Michael Kors perfumes and especially Sexy Amber (it’s the perfume in the middle).

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