Hello everyone, 

As you can see I have customized my blog and it’s all different so I thought I just could walk you through all the changes I made.

1) I erased my Instagram and Twitter account, hopefully I will open it again some day but currently I’m not going to use them. 

2) Fashion & Beauty menu has been empty but now it’s filled with clothes advise. You can see what I think is a great outfit, what accessories it goes with, the prize, where you can buy it, brand, the name, everything you can read there. I’m also going to have some make-up tips for you there aswell but for now there is only clothes advise. 

3) The whole theme of the blog is different so the like button, comment box are in a different spot. Down bellow on the blog you can find the follow button so DON’T MISS TO PRESS IT!!!!

I think that’s it, now you know the changes and if you have any question about anything you can ask me – There is no stupid question 😉

Thank you for reading and keep doing it. Don’t forget to klick that follow button and give me a “like” if you liked this post. 
Stay tuned for more posts and maybe some day videos. Until then TAKE CARE! 



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