Hello everyone!

I thought I could write an review about a body lotion that I now love so much. I use it for my face and body. Before I used to use a lotion from pharmacy but then I thought I would try something different so I choose the brand Dove.

This lotion called Dove body milk essential nourishment is the one I’m using right now. I don’t know if I’m going to try the other lotions they got but for now I’m going to use this one. You can see a picture down bellow and the website to buy it but I only could find the swedish one.


Dove Body Milk is good for dry skin which I have and it is “DeepCare complex”. It is really moisturizing and when you put it on your skin it directly goes into your skin.
I’m going to continue to use this lotion and I also would recommend this to you who has dry skin.

I want to also tell you to use Body Lotion after you shower and every time! Because your skin gets dry using all the soap and shampoo so you need to moisturize it very well. And to be honest it makes your skin soft which is much better than dry.
Sorry if this is a short review but there is not much to tell about it other than that it is the best lotion I have used so far. I got so dry skin and I have been trying out so many lotion but I think this is the one for me for now.

I hope you enjoyed this post and look for further more.
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Have a great day!

Peace ❤


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