Vitamin E Cool BB Cream

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I went to The Body Shop and picked up some things I thought I could review on. I never seen these on the store so I guess it’s new or maybe, I don’t know 😛 .
Well, when I bought some things, I two samples and one of them was the BB cream. 

I only tried it once but I didn’t like it. It was moisturizing and that’s it. I didn’t feel like it gave so much change on the skin. Before I used another BB Cream and it made me get pimples but that was much better than this one because it made my skin smooth and flawless. This one I didn’t feel the same way so I thought it wasn’t worth keep trying it. Of course it is different for every skin but I would recommend you to get a sample before buying one because let’s face it – it ain’t cheap.

Vitamin E Cool BB Cream
The Body Shop

It’s a moisturizing cream that stays for 12 h and it provides a more even skin tone.

The other sample I got was Coconut Body Scrub and then I bought Vitamin E moisture cream and Vitamin E eye cream. I will review about it in a couple of days. Until that stay tuned 🙂 and maybe you also can this BB cream, if you do so then you got to tell me if you liked it or not.

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