Vitamin E products

Hello Everyone!

I thought I could write a review about Vitamin E products that I bought in Body Shop. Like always it’s not going to be a long review but I hope you enjoy it. Apparently Vitamin E products doesn’t give an effect immediately but I have seen results after some few day, both bad and good results.   


Vitamin E Eye Cream
In the description for this eyes cream it says:
a moisturizing eye cream that protects and cares for the delicate skin around the eyes.
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles and helps prevent puffiness. Makes the skin wonderfully soft and smooth. Contains moisturizing Shea Butter and makes the skin soft.

You have to use it two times a day and apply it around the eyes. It is of course for all skin types but sometimes. 

I don’t feel it reduces the dark circles and that it helps prevent puffiness. It is though moisturizing cream but I feel like my dark circles becomes more darker. I actually wouldn’t recommend this one but I’m going to keep using it for one month and then see if it gives different results. I will write another review about it so you can see if it actually works or not. I still have to tell you that these is my results but it can be different for other people because we have different skin types and other factors that gives different results.


Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream – Day cream
In the description for this face cream it says: Our best-selling moisturizer leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

This is the cream for the face and you put it in the morning. It should be moisturizing and make your face smooth but the results I have seen is different. It is moisturizing but not as moisturizing like I need so I also apply Dove cream on my face before using this one. Even so my results have been really good and I’m happy with this cream. It have help my acme, pimples and scares, it all is fading away which I’m really happy about. My face feels and looks fresh. I would highly recommend this cream for you but as I said before, it could give different results for you. I’m going to buy the night cream aswell and try it out.

If you have had tried any of these products and have results that you want to share, write in the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe for more Szerlina Fashion posts and if you liked this post, press on the like button. 
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