My morning routine

Hello everyone,

Hur mår ni? It means how are you in swedish and now you learn something in swedish 😛
I have been doing this for almost a year I think and I haven’t been good at writing posts. I  also don’t have that much of subscriber so I though I would ask you if you would like me to do a YouTube channel? Is it better than a blog or what do you think? I have been back and forth about doing a YouTube channel and to be honest I don’t know if I should do one. I hope I could get some answers from you and you only have to write on my comment box YES or NO.
YES means yaah, do a Youtube channel and NO means no don’t do a youtube channel. If you have any other advise, please feel free to write it too.

Now let’s get started: clq_6G0R_250
First I wash my face with Clinique Liquid facial soap. It’s always good to wash your face, It makes your face more fresh looking and you take the fat that has produced during your sleep. It is actually not good to remove the fat from the face so because we do that we need a good moisturizer cream.
56314m_zAfter washing my face, I put Vitamin E moisture cream and it moisture my face really well. I also put it on my neck because not only do we need to take care of our face but also the neck.

19834m_zTo get my eyes to look for fresh, I put Vitamin E eye cream around my eyes.
At last I put my make – up and my outfit and then I’m ready.

If you want to read about the products, you can find it here : Vitamin E Products   and    Clinique

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Have a great day and see you again soon.
Thank you.

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