Sportswear – Nike shoes

Hello everyone,

It is time to prepare for summer body and we can make the whole process fun. I use working out as a getaway but also I love the sportswear. It is comfortable and cute or sexy.

Everyone who can should work out, don’t go on a diet without working out or don’t skip a meal. Instead, put on ur sportswear and start running. It is so fun and you will love it. So what kind of clothes is there to wear when you work out?

I am today going to focus on Nike shoes because they are amazing. The only thing I don’t love is that it is a bit expensive but I think it is totally worth is because the quality is good.

You need a good, comfortable and stylish shoe to wear. Nike has a shoe collection called “Roshe One” and those are so comfortable. It is like walking on clouds!

I am going to put up some picture of some of the different variation of them:

Skärmavbild 2016-02-16 kl. 23.45.16
I don’t like these as much as the others but I do like the black and white combination of them.
Skärmavbild 2016-02-16 kl. 23.42.33
These are the ones I have and they are so cute.
Skärmavbild 2016-02-16 kl. 23.42.54
These shoes I also love and soon will get because I cannot resist!

There are ofcourse other styles of them but these are one of the shoes I love. There are other brands that you also can choose from as Adidas, Reebook, Puma etc. but these are the ones I fell inlove with. I had so many problems with shoes, I get pain on my ankles when I run with other shoes except these ones so that’s why I’m going to stick with these. Hopefully I soon will buy the blue one aswell 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and next week will be about sportswear.
Thank you for reading and take care of yourself and others, don’t remember that happiness comes before everything, even fashion. Shoes is good for you feet but a smile is good for your heart so keep on running with a smile on your face!

Szerlina Fashion ♥



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