Hello everyone,

How are you everyone?
Like I said on my instagram (@szerlinafashion) I am today going to talk about the hairstyles that I have been posting. The post about sportswear will come up next!

I am going to explain just how you can make 3 different hairstyles and maybe on another post I can explain how to take care of your hair.

All of these hairstyles I did to my friend for a photoshooting my dad took Photosri. I hope you can check his website aswell.


This is a hairstyle of just simple curls. I used Rimmel curling curler to make these fabulous curles. Make sure to use heatprotector before using the curler. Then I just took some hair from the front and pinned it back. You have to secure it very carefully so when you put on the hair accessor it will stay put. The most important thing when it comes to curls is that you have to use some sort of hairoil to keep it shinny. In this case I curled the hair and used oil, and then draged my fingers in the hair which gives it like a natural look.


The hair  in this point was already curled so what I did was simple bun. First I fixed the front with a comb and then I made a little bun exactly were I wanted it to be, just with a little hair. Then I took the rest of the hair and pinned it around the bun and lastly I had little of hair left on each sides, which i rolled and then pined it around the bun. To accessories the bun I put on a hair accessor on the side of the hair.


As you can see every hairstyle I made was so simple and so is this one. I made inside-out french braid (I don’t know the actual name) on both sides and then I just made a simple braid. A tips (something I should have done) is to losen up the braids but the reason I didn’t do that is because in Sri Lanka we make our braid tight. Then I accessoriesed the hair with pins that looks like flowers and it is so pretty.

I am next time going to make sure to take photos of every step through the process because it is easier then explaining the whole process. But for now I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to keep tuned for the next one.

Until next time, be happy and enjoy fashion.

Szerlina Fashion ♥


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