Work-out clothes!

Hello everyone, 

It is so fun to write on every week basic, I love to share my tips and I would love if you also could share some tips with me. So today I thought of talking about sportswear. I think over a week ago I talked about Nike shoes and today I am going to talk about the clothes.

I have also found Victoria Secret’s work-out clothes that looks so good, but because I have not tried Victoria Secret’s work-out clothes I can’t tell you how good they are. The only thing I can do is to pick out some few items I think looks good and that I am going to buy. When I have bought them and tried them on a couple of times, then I can tell you more about the but for now just focus on other brands that has sportswear that I have tired on.

First of all I love SOC sports bra because they are so comfortable. There a different support size of them like for example normal support, medium support or max support. It is different size of how much it will support you chest while training. Everyone likes it differently so you should try them on before buying a whole bunch of them.

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These are just an example of an normal support Soc sports bra. There are just basic colors of them or you can like this one get one with a different pattern that is also nice. They are really comfortable and good support. I have had some sports bra that doesn’t breath, what I mean is that your clothes should be able to get out sweat and not keeping it in, otherwise it will not be comfortable and annoying. Stadium.

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The next one is also a SOC product. It’s tights that you can sport it with a tank top, t-shirt or jumper, or actually with anything you want. This is also comfortable and looks so stylish. I like that it covers the whole leg and it is like a mentioned before that it breaths aswell. There are also different variates of these once but I am just showing one that I got. It is stretchy which is good so you can do all kind of exercises. Stadium.

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This is a tank top by Adidas. I don’t have this one but I couldn’t find those I got. I like Nike’s tank tops with slogan “Just do it” and also I like SOC’s tank tops. This one I would actually buy because the material is exactly what I like and it is cute. I try to wear a matching sports bra underneath. Stadium.

Victoria Secret. Finally here are some of the Victoria Secret’s work-out clothes I like and would buy. The tank-tops I didn’t like from their collection. It isn’t like the material I like.

This is all I got today. I hope you enjoyed this post and if their is any improvements I should you, just leave a comment down bellow. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for next week’s post.

Until next time, be happy and enjoy fashion. 
Szerlina Fashion ♥



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