Love yourself!

Hello everyone, how have you been? 

I want to share some things I in my life have had problems with because of many reason. I am not going to directly talk about the problems that I have had but about the outcome. As you know I have been MIA for a couple of months. I have in a earlier post told you a part of it but not everything.

My dream is to become a fashion designer and have my own clothing line. I know it is hard achieve that but atleast I want to try my best. Manly that matters to me is that I fight for it. I won’t be sad if I don’t achieve that but I would be sad if I don’t even try because I am scared that I won’t achieve. The fear in my heart was less than people around me had. I hate it when people tells me what to do with my life but atleast they seem to care a bit but those people that looks down on me. I can’t stand those people. No one looks down on other people. We are all good in different ways, we have all achieved different things and we all go in different speed in our life. But because of someone hasn’t achieved as many things as someone else or takes time to realize what they wan’t to do int doesn’t mean we can judge them. Instead of that, open your heart to help, help each other to achieve what you have passion for. Give advise, get help from each other and make a better place in this world just by being their for each other.
I promise you, I could never got through stuff in my life without my friends and family. It is so much easier to deal with things with peoples support but remember you should always stand on your own feet. Don’t trust someone enough to do your work because if you don’t even trust yourself that you can do your own work, they how can you trust others? By achieving something on you own effort has a own feeling to it. Love yourself enough to believe in yourself. Don’t ever let someone get in your way to make your dreams come through and never let anyone get in your head and make you believe that you can do something you love. Go for it! Make a difference in your life and give an impact in this world! We are all an family, support each other, embrace others achievement and talent. Embrace you own and show everyone that you can! Like Obama said “yes we can”!

If you sometimes feel lonely, just write! If you right now don’t have friends or someone that you feel like you can rely on, then write or write to me! Because this stay in your life that you feel alone is just a short path of your life that many people goes through, I did aswell but do you know what? Actually you have friends but you don’t see it. Now when I think back when I felt lonely wasn’t because I didn’t have friends, It was because all those people that made me sad and feel like a loser, also made me think I didn’t have any friends. Don’t let anyone do that to you! Your life is not worth focusing on negative people that makes you feel less and don’t let negative energy get to you. Think about the positive things in your life. Make something that reminds you of something good in your life, a list, photos, scrapbook or anything you like. When you feel lonely and so down, then just look at it and remind yourself of all your goals, all your achievement and how much you love yourself, because most hardest thing and most important thing is to love yourself! So fight for yourself and fight for your life to be the best as you want it to be! Good luck! 🙂

PS: I love myself and also I love you all! 

Szerlina Fashion ♥

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